Zombie Post Apocalypse Endless Gunner



Cashing in on the ever popular zombie post apocalypse genre Raiblin are working on a 2nd game which throws the player into a destroyed city with a large arsenal of weapons and the goal to simply stay alive and defend yourself from the zombie hoard. Version 1 of the game will support 11 weapons.

* Axe
* AK-47
* Flame Thrower
* HK MP5
* M9 Pistol
* M-16
* Mini-gun
* MK-11
* Revolver
* Shotgun

As an independent game developer with no track record in the industry I think the freemium model is the best way to release the game. I plan to give away the game for free and provide the user with 5 weapons. (possibly the axe, M9 Pistol, M-16, HK MP5 and Shotgun). If you want the higher powered weapons you can buy them in a weapons packs for 99c. The game will be playable in every facet using only the free guns but who doesn’t want to mow down zombies using a mini-gun, set them alight with the flame thrower or blow them to smithereens with and RPG.
Right now we are unsure what the finer game dynamics will be. There are 3 preliminary ideas of which one or all may appear in the final game.

  • Carnage: Unlimited ammo (but guns have a cooldown period) with the goal of blasting as many zombies as possible.
  • Survival: Start with only an axe and sneak around collecting other resources to stay alive.
  • Escape: Get on the move and reach a rendezvous on the other side of the city where you will be rescued and taken home.

If you have an iPhone or iPad and would like to play test pre-release versions of this game please contact us though our website www.raiblin.com.