Oculus Rift support added to Decade Engine

My developer version of the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset arrived earlier in the week and it has been allot of fun integrating it. In the demo above you can see

  • Stereoscopic rendering. The Oculus Rift has 1 screen which is shared between your 2 eyes. On each side of the screen an image is rendered for its respective eye. The image is slightly offset to simulate the distance between your eyes which adds a real sense of depth and 3D to the world.
  • The Oculus Rift uses lenses to magnify the image, providing an increase field of view, but this results in a pincushion distortion of what the user sees inside the rift. This can be corrected by introducing a barrel distortion to cancel out the effects of the pincushion distortion.

The Oculus Rift SDK is freely available online and is allot of fun to work with. Having an actual Rift is obviously a great advantage however you do not need one to understand and implement its functionality. When I’ve refactored my reusable Oculus class I’ll post the code here.