“If I make enough efforts with huge passion there is no impossible.” Black (Yo-Yo Master)

This may be a guy and a yoyo but Black’s message is very meaningful and inspiring. For a long time there has been the idea, which is now more often considered a myth, that talent and intelligence are the important characteristics for success. Again and again it is shown that talent is seldom natural but comes for hours, weeks and years of purposeful practice and dedication. With enough effort anyone can become successful at their given field. I guess the key is to define what success is. Most people confuse becoming rich and being successful. Black is 2 times world yoyo champion and has passed an audition with Cirque du Soleil. Without any doubt that is success. He is top of his chosen field.

Bounce: The Myth of Talent and the Power of Practice is an interesting book which talks about many cases where people presumed genius but in reality it was dedication. A common example is Mozart. Often called a child prodigy, which he may have been, it is well documented that his father, a music teacher, began a rigorous musical training regime from an early age and Mozart would have built up the holy grail of 10000 hours purposeful practice at an early age.

Recent research has also shown that success in school, career and promotion through the military ranks can be reasonably well predicted by how gritty or determined people are and performance in IQ tests playing a much smaller role than previous thought.