Creepy Atmosphere

Fog has been added to the Zombie game. Picture zombies emerging from the fog with blood thirst and the only food is You.

Anyone who has experience in game development or played games on lower powered systems may know that depth fog was a commonly used trick to hide the distance and because of that it has a negative reputation. This reputation is deserved when the effect is abused for the reason of improving rendering speeds by hiding most of the world however I feel that in this genre of game it adds a spooky, dead feel to the world.

Issues with the first person camera have been fixed. The player can now be looking one direction while walking another. Rotations (changing your view) in the X and Y axis are supported. Unless you’re going to do a sideways flip rotation in the Z axis doesn’t have much use.

A challenge with games targeting mobile devices is how to implement the controls. Touch screens are great but traditional games have been played using a joy stick/pad or keyboard and mouse. Some game developers implement a virtual joypad and render it on screen. Where complex arrangements of controls are required this can work well however I’m not a fan. This control model does not use the large real estate that a tablet provides and it also enforces the user to hold their device a certain way in order to play the game.

To leverage the advantages of this control model but improve on it by giving the user more freedom on how they hold their device, I have created a floating virtual joypad. The screen is divided in 2, left and right side. One side is movement, the other is rotation (which side corresponds to which function is configurable). The player can press anywhere in the rotation rotation zone to start rotating. How much they move their finger defines how much they rotate. The same holds for movement.

A quick tap (less than 0.25s) on the rotation zone fires a single bullet. A double tap with 2nd tap holding on the rotation zone fires multiple bullets (if supported by the weapon). A quick tap on the movement zone reloads your current weapon (if supported, you cant reload an axe :)). A double tap on the movement zone brings the weapon into focused mode (looking down the barrel of the gun) and another double tap brings the weapon back to normal mode.

These free floating controls should give the user the freedom to hold/play their device in a way that suits them best. The only buttoned controls will be to change weapon.